• Residential Cleaning

    Our services make the home look better and be safer and easier to live in.

  • Commercial Cleaning

    Service covers commercial properties includes Glass and Exterior Cleaning etc.

  • Industrial Cleaning

    The service handles all aspect of Industrial Plant and Equipment Cleaning.

  • Green Cleaning

    Green cleaning is a crucial first step anyone can take in their homes and


Get your questions answered here

Here is the list of the questions which are commonly asked by our customers

         What is commercial cleaning?

Commercial cleaning is high level cleaning of products and surface through various chemical means and advance technology.

         What is upholstery cleaning?

Upholstery cleaning refers to the removal of dirt and dust from upholstery i.e. padding, seating and covering of furniture.

         What is green cleaning?

Green cleaning includes use of biodegradable cleaning agents and eco friendly techniques of cleaning for keeping the environment safe and pollution free. This kind of cleaning is also good for the safety of human health.

         What is glass cleaning?

Glass cleaning is specially developed cleaning technology to remove dirt and dust from decorative and architectural glass materials.

         Do all types of commercial cleanings bear same service price?

No, each and every type of commercial cleaning deal is offered at different service price on the basis of products used for that deal as well as the technique and labor applied by our professional cleaning team.

         What is service price for commercial cleaning deals?

Our standard service price for commercial cleaning deals can be discovered in our price list while it can vary according to the custom service plan on your special request.

         How can I hire a commercial cleaning team?

You can simply visit our online web page and fill a simple application form for service request. We can even accept your request for online booking of commercial cleaning service.

         Do you offer urgent services also?

Yes, we are able to meet your demands in urgent.

         Do you provide eco friendly cleaning job?

Yes, out green cleaning commercial service employs eco friendly cleaning agents and safer cleaning techniques.

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